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Attacks Managed

18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any given time.

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you to explore and analyze your data, regardless of your technical expertise.

Get accurate insights for your business

From forecasting future trends to identifying risks, our platform provides the insights you need to succeed.

Malware Scanning & Detection


SEO Spam Scanner

Spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Discover signs of SEO spam before Google and other search engines do.


Website Server-Side Scanner

We check all files on the server for signs of malware to find backdoors, phishing pages, spam, DDoS scripts, and more.


Website Malware Scanner

This scanner monitors for signs of website malware and Indicators of Compromise (IOC).



Billed Annually



Billed Annually



Billed Annually

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